Welcome to the SolarWinds N-able MSP Sales and Marketing Digital Binder!

This preview binder will give you a sneak peek at the content of the full binder available to partners and allows them the flexibility to fully customize or integrate the content into their existing marketing material. To receive full access to the complete binder, please contact

The full binder includes information and resources, À la carte services that can be bundled or solutions that can be offered individually. Each section includes:


A preview of flysheet templates you could use to create your own highly customized promotional materials to assist your sales and marketing efforts.

PowerPoint Presentations

A preview of presentations that can help you start selling, and winning, more quickly that include customizable sales presentations, proposals, and collateral. View qualifying questions that help boost sales efficiency and productivity.

E-mail Teasers

A preview of e-mail teaser templates that show you how to effectively promote your business and products through e-mail.

Other Support Resources

A preview of our best practice whitepapers designed to help structure your sales process and launch your MSP campaign right away.

A critical component of any managed services plan is having the right mix of services. Business requirements, maturity, and financial situation can all influence the type of solution that is a “best fit” for an SMB. Being prepared with multiple service offerings will ensure that you can tailor a solution that will meet the needs of a prospective customer.

Essential IT Support

  • Billable hourly support, augmented by leveraging N-central’s Essential licenses.

À la carte

  • Individual IT services that target a specific need, allowing the client to select the services they require.


  • Management plan designed to support key IT systems. Delivers value through operational reliability and preventing issues.


  • Fully outsourced solutions, designed to fulfill an organizations entire IT requirements.


Services Overview


For customers that are still being serviced in a “Break/Fix” or reactive type of model, the N-central Essential license provides an opportunity to deliver remote support, gather critical asset information, and perform basic monitoring, without having to secure a monthly contract. This allows the MSP to:

  • Build a fence around your customers: Whoever owns the data, will own the customer
  • Own the Data: Asset discovery, HW/SW Inventory, Warranty information, more...
  • Manage the Projects: Reporting drives T&M and project revenue
  • Cross-sell Specific Managed Services: Managed AV, Backup, Hosted Exchange, more...
  • Drive Efficiency: Increase efficiency at helpdesk level (in-bound calls)
  • Simplify Support with New Direct Connect: Fast, reliable, cost effective, centralized
  • Be The Trusted Advisor: Reporting so you can align IT with the customers’ business
  • Build Loyalty: Increase customer retention through enhanced service delivery


Customers that aren’t ready to sign up for a monthly recurring contract, and consume their IT services in a “break/fix” or reactive model.



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N-able has created an À la carte Services program that you can take to your existing or new clients enabling you to create new revenues.

An "À la carte" offering allows customers to select individual services that meet the specific needs of your clients business. Simply work with your customer to determine their needs and determine what services meet their needs while making sense for their business. This program will help you provide your customers with a customized solution tailored to meet their needs.

This section includes materials that describe a group of À la carte services; subsequent sections detail the individual services.


This program is ideal for any MSP wishing to offer new services and drive recurring revenue from all their customers, and is looking for a simple and easy sales vehicle to get customers under contract.



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