Offer High-Margin Managed Services and Generate New Revenue

Commoditization is the bane of any successful product or service category.  Once a customer sees new options, service providers are forced to compete on price or risk going out of business. And this is what is happening in the VoIP market.

Instead of competing on price and chasing ever dwindling margins with “me too” offerings, VoIP providers are turning to a new business strategy and are offering managed services to their existing customer base. They are evolving, differentiating themselves and diversifying their offerings and thriving while others are just surviving. So what is their secret?

Download “New Revenue and Profit Opportunities for VoIP Providers,” and learn:

·         How to make the leap to an MSP business model

·         What technology is required to add managed services?

·         Best practice programs for a standardized approach to running a successful managed services business

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