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Service Template Defaults

MSP N-central enables you to globally reapply service templates to devices when the device properties change or new devices are discovered. This ensures that all services across all customers is up-to-date and consistent across the networks.

Reapplication of service templates to devices will be performed when

  • there are changes in the assets of a device that trigger the System Change service,
  • the SNMP option is enabled or disabled,
  • the Local Agent option is disabled, or
  • the agent on a device checks in for the first time.

This functionality can only be enabled or disabled at the system level and service organization level.

  1.   In the navigation pane, click Administration > Defaults > Service Template Defaults.
  2. Click Reapply Service Templates on device asset change.
  3. After asset discovery, MSP N-central globally re-applies service templates to devices after asset discovery even if no changes are detected.

  4. Click Monitor Windows Services only when startup type is Automatic.
  5. This option restricts the Windows services that are monitored on a device to only those that are of the Automatic startup type. Windows services that are of the Manual startup type will not be monitored if this check box is selected.

  6. Select Propagate to apply service templates to all of the existing devices under the selected node.
  7. Click Save.

    If you do not select Propagate, service templates will only be re-applied on any new devices.