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Back up the MSP N-central server

Backing up the MSP N-central database allows you to create a copy of the database on the MSP N-central server and also upload a copy to an FTP server. This provides a backup from which you can restore the database in the event of a failure or data loss.

When you back up the database, MSP N-central creates both a backup file and a backup digest file. The backup file contains all of the information needed to restore the database. This includes the network, email, and service monitoring settings as well as the historical data (if specified). The backup digest file contains the checksum needed to verify whether or not the backup file has been corrupted.

If you are using the hosted version of MSP N-central, backups are automatically performed by SolarWinds MSP support. No further action is required on your part.

If MSP N-central has been installed as a guest on an ESX or Hyper-V server, it is strongly recommended that you record a snapshot of the guest before upgrading the MSP N-central software. In the event that the upgrade fails, this will enable you to restore the guest back to the snapshot image.

  1. From the System level click Administration > System Backup & RestoreConfigure Backups.
  2. Configure the backup options.
  3. Click Save then Run Backup.

If you only back up the database on the central server and do not upload a copy to an FTP server, you may not able to restore the database if the central server fails. For this reason, we recommend that you download the backup files from the central server and save it to a separate server.

Depending on the size of your database, the backup can take several seconds or several hours.

The system will send a notification informing you of the backup success or failure. If the backup failed and the error cannot be corrected, contact Technical Support.

Manual backups

If you did not configure the backup to be uploaded to an FTP server, manually download the backup image from the MSP N-central server to a safe location.

  1. Click Administration > System Backup and Restore > Download Backups.
  2. Click Download Backup beside the name of the backup file to download.
  3. Save the backup file to the location you want to use for storing backup files.

The downloaded files can now be used to restore the database.

For information on restoring a backup see System restore.