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Import devices located by asset discovery

After the Probe completes a discovery job and locates new devices on the network, add them to MSP N-central. This enables you to monitor and manage the devices. During the import, you can define the device class and set the license mode for the device to help categorize them for patching and AV scanning.

You do not need to complete these steps if you configured Auto Import when configuring the discovery job.

  1. Click ConfigurationAsset DiscoveryDiscovered Assets.
  2. Select the check boxes next to the devices you want to import.
  3. Click Set Device Class/OS to set the device's type and operating system.
  4. Click the Set License Mode drop-down list box to determine the services available to the device.

    For more information on what is available for each license type, see to Essential Licenses and Professional Licenses.

  5. Click Import, then click OK.

The device will now appear in the All Devices view and you can apply patching and other management tools.

Ignore discovered devices

There may be devices that you do not want imported into MSP N-central because they do not need managing. To avoid having the device found each time discovery job runs, you can tell MSP N-central to ignore the device on future scans.

You can add an ignored device later by running a discovery job and selecting Show Ignored Devices.

  1. Click Configuration Asset DiscoveryDiscovered Assets.
  2. Select the check boxes next to the devices to ignore.
  3. Click Ignore.

The selected devices will no longer appear in the Discovered Assets table and will be displayed in the Ignored Discovered Assets table.