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Professional and essential licenses

Devices can be added to the MSP N-central server in either Professional or Essential license mode. Professional Mode devices can use all of the MSP N-central monitoring and management features and will count towards your device licensing limit. Essential Mode devices can use a cut-down set of features as outlined in the table below.

The licensing mode of a device is assigned when the device is first added to MSP N-central. This can be modified after the device has been added by editing the device's properties.

To purchase licenses for MSP N-central features, contact your Partner Development Specialist (PDS). You can look up your PDS and their contact information in the N-able Resource Center by going to My Account. You can also send an email to n-ablesalesgroup@solarwinds.com.

Professional Essential
Monitoring Monitoring
  • Full Monitoring (5 minute intervals)
  • Asset Monitoring
  • Connectivity Monitoring
  • Patch Status Monitoring
  • Printer Monitoring
  • Warranty Monitoring
  • Event & Security logs
  • Windows Services
  • Windows Processes
  • Traffic Monitoring
  • VMware Monitoring
  • Custom Services
  • Asset Monitoring (4 hour interval)
  • Connectivity Monitoring (15 minute interval)
  • Patch status monitoring
  • Printer Monitoring
  • Warranty Discovery
Task Management Task Management
  • Patch Management (Windows)
  • Scheduled Automated Script Execution
  • Self-Healing Automated Procedures
  • Software Distribution
  • Application Compliance
  • License Key Discovery
  • License Key Discovery
Reporting Remote control options Reporting Remote control options
  • DirectConnect
  • Remote Desktop
  • Web Page
  • Remote Support Manager
  • SSH
  • Telnet
  • Teamviewer
  • DirectConnect
  • Remote Desktop
  • Web Page
  • Teamviewer
Add-ons Add-ons
  • Patch Management (3rd Party)
  • Backup Manager
  • AV Defender
  • Patch Management (Windows and 3rd Party)
  • Automation on Essentials
  • DirectSupport on Essentials
  • Backup Manager
  • AV Defender

User cases

Professional Essential
  1. Foundation for Proactive and Managed programs
  2. Delivery of Scheduled Maintenance tasks
  3. Leveraged to preform Reactive Help Desk Tasks
  4. Network Device Management (Firewalls, Routers, Switches, VMware Servers, etc.)
  5. 3rd Party Software Monitoring, and custom monitoring
  1. Foundation for à la carte program; each à la carte line items is delivered with an Essential node
  2. Delivery of network assessments (in conjunction with Report Manager)
  3. Sales tool; leveraged as a proof of concept for prospective clients
  4. Mixed environment: Essential on some devices and Professional on others (that is, Essential on workstations and Professional on Servers). Used to help transition non-contracted devices into contracts
  5. Break/fix environments to assist with support process