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Filter the All Devices view

The All Device view, shows the last filter selected for the current account. Initially this shows all services on all customer devices that have a status other than Normal. The current filter and additional filtering options is displayed at the top of the page.

To see the devices, click ViewAll Devices.

You can configure the information displayed in this view in a number of different ways.

1. Sort the devices by column

Click on any header, except Remote Control, Tools or Features, to sort in ascending or descending alphanumeric order by that column.

2. Filter using free-form text search

Enter text in the Search field and click Search to find devices where the displayed information contains the entered text. Text in the Device Class and Agent Version is not searched. Text in hidden columns is not searched.

You can search for user name or domain in the Logged in User column.

3. Hide/Show columns

Click on the icon in the left of the header row to select which columns to display or hide. If a column is hidden the text it contains will not be searched using the free-form text search.

4. Filter using the filter panel

Click Filter to display the filter panel.

In the filter panel, you can apply a pre-configured or custom filter, specify the customer whose devices you want to display and limit the devices displayed by status. The filter and selections chosen appear at the top of the results.

5. Reset Filter

MSP N-centralremembers the changes you make to on the filter panel for your user account. To clear your filter changes, click Reset Filter.

6. Create a new filter

Click Create new filter to add a custom filter.