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Group devices for filtering using custom device properties

You can create custom device properties to better filter devices. Unlike other properties, custom device property are created and applied to devices manually, rather than retrieved from the device itself. With custom properties, you can label and classify devices within MSP N-central for your own purposes. Custom properties comprise a property name and a date, a URL or text.

Example custom properties can be patch group plans, warranty expiration dates, SLA Level, Sensitive Devices, and so on.

For information on adding custom properties, see Adding Custom Device Properties.

Use the custom device when you are creating new filters or modifying existing filters.

  1. Go to ConfigurationFilters and click Add.
  2. In the Find devices where drop-down list boxes, select Device.
  3. In the subsequent drop-down list boxes, select Custom Device Property and then the Property created.

For example, Device > Custom Device PropertyWarranty Expiration Date > Less than > 03/31/2016

Use the new filter to locate specific devices.