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Essential and professional licenses

Devices can be added to the MSP N-central server in one of two licensing modes: Essential and Professional Mode.

Professional Mode licenses let you use all the MSP N-central monitoring and management features and will count towards your device licensing limit.

Essential mode license limitations

Service Name Minimum Scan Interval
AV Status Service 4 hours
Agent Status Service 15 minutes
CPU Service (Local API, SNMP, WMI) 4 hours
Connectivity Service 15 minutes
DNS Service 15 minutes
Disk Service (Local API, SNMP, WMI) 4 hours
Generic (TCP) Service 15 minutes
Intel® vPro™ Status Service 15 minutes
Memory Service (Local API, SNMP, WMI) 4 hours
Patch Status Service 4 hours
Printer Conf Changes Service 15 minutes
Printer Cover Status Service 15 minutes
Printer Display Service 15 minutes
Printer Page Count Service 15 minutes
Paper Supply Level Service 15 minutes
Printer Status Service 15 minutes
Printer Toner Level Service 15 minutes
SMTP Service 15 minutes

Also note the following:

  • the only Automation Manager policies that may be run are List Top CPU-MEM Processes and Software Inventory
  • the only Remote Control types that may be used are Direct Connect, VNC, Remote Desktop and Web
  • Backup Exec, SNMP, and EDF monitoring are not available
  • Power Control and System Change management are not available
  • custom services are not available
  • the device may not be used in any Scheduled Tasks

The restriction on Scheduled Tasks is not enforced if managed services (for example, those related to Patch Management or AV Defender) are applied to Essential Mode devices in which case, Scheduled Tasks related to those services may be run on the device.

Based on licensing arrangements, there are two types of Professional Mode device licenses: Per Device Class and Per Individual Device.

Per Individual Device licenses are designed for when you are using MSP N-central to manage your own organization's internal infrastructure. These licenses allocate a single Professional Mode device license for each individual device.

Per Device Class licenses are designed for when you are using MSP N-central to deliver IT services to your customers. These licenses are divided into three sub-types:

  • Professional Mode Workstations - For devices of the Workstation - Windows, Workstation - OS X, Workstation - Generic or Laptop - Windows class.
  • Professional Mode Network Devices - For devices of the Switch/Router, Storage, Scanner/Camera, Printer, or Other class.
  • Professional Mode Servers - For devices of the Server - Windows, Server - Generic, Server - ESXi or Custom Device class.

Changing license modes

When a service template is associated with a device that has been configured in Essential Mode, any services that are classified as Professional services will not be applied. If the device is then changed from Essential Mode to Professional Mode, MSP N-central will automatically re-apply service templates so that any services that had been omitted because they are classified as Professional services will be applied.

Licenses will be used for a minimum period of 15 days. If a device’s license usage is modified, the original license usage will continue to be in effect until the 15-day minimum period has ended.