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About MSP N-central


The MSP N-central user interface (UI) dashboards provide you with up-to-date network statuses. Dashboards display the aggregated status of network devices, as well as detailed individual service statuses. Administrators can use the interface to set up devices, services, and notifications.


MSP N-central's notification system sends alerts on service state changes. MSP N-central includes several different notification options. You can set up notification delays, escalations, and scheduled delivery methods.

Remote Control

Administrators can leverage MSP N-central's remote control capabilities. MSP administrators can respond remotely to customer requests for desktop support. Administrators at the MSP and customer sites can manage Windows devices remotely.


The built-in reporting capabilities provide the information you need to make critical business decisions. You can generate detailed diagnostic reports or long-term summary reports that allow for trend analysis.


MSP N-central has a hierarchy for account levels that have access to the user interface. In this way, you can allow or restrict access to functionality and customers. Some accounts have administrator privileges, which means they can set up other accounts, devices, and services. Other accounts have read-only privileges.