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The MSP N-central user interface

The MSP N-central UI is used by all users and accounts. The screen elements are called out in the graphic and the table describes each.

UI # Description


System Menu: Lets you view system information by:

  • Service Organization (the entire system)
  • Customer
  • Sites: Sites let you manage your customer’s physical locations and logical device groupings, you can create sites and map these to different accounts in MSP Manager, Help Desk Manager, Autotask and ConnectWise. Virtually all customer level features can also be configured at the site level.


Utility Menu: Displays the current time of the MSP N-central server. Hover your mouse over the menu to access the following features:

  • Help
  • My Account
  • Logout


Navigation Pane: The primary way to navigate through MSP N-central. It includes the following expandable menus:

  • Views
  • Dashboards
  • Actions
  • Reports
  • My Links
  • Configuration
  • Administration
  • Help


Main Content Window: Displays the content for the item selected in the Navigation Pane.