> Get Started > Install MSP N-central on a physical server

Install MSP N-central on a physical server

  1. Insert your burned N-central installation ISO into the server’s optical drive and restart the server.
  2. When the installation prompt appears, type install. and press Enter.
  3. If you are installing N-central on an HP ML-150G6 server, this command should be typed as install nodmraid.

    If you are not prompted for network information during the installation process, this means N-central was unable to locate a suitable network card. The installation will continue to conclusion but you will not be able to access N-central. To resolve this issue, please verify that the server has a network card compatible with CentOS 5.5 and re-start the installation process.

  4. Select the type of network configuration. It is recommended that Manual address configuration is used whenever possible.
  5. Click OK and press Enter.
  6. If you selected Manual address configuration, type the IP Address and Netmask, click OK and press Enter. If you selected Dynamic IP configuration (DHCP), skip to step 7.
  7. Enter the Gateway, Primary DNS and Secondary DNS addresses, then click OK and press Enter.
  8. In the Hostname Configuration screen, select the hostname configuration. You can do this either automatically via DHCP, or manually.
  9. A hostname is the FQDN or public IP address that the MSP N-central agents and probes will use to communicate with the MSP N-central server.
  10. Click OK and press Enter.
  11. Ensure System clock uses UTC. It is recommended that UTC is enabled.
  12. Select the time zone appropriate for your system.
  13. Select OK and press Enter.

The MSP N-central installation begins. When the installation finishes, the MSP N-central server will restart.