> Get Started > Log in and use MSP N-central for the first time (hosted)

Log in and use N-central for the first time (hosted)

  1. Type the URL provided in your welcome email into your Web browser. For example: http://ncod32.n-able.com.
  2. Hosted server URLs begin with ncod. Trial servers begin with nce. If you have misplaced your URL, this can be found on the N-able Resource Center (NRC), under Account.

  3. The Getting Started Wizard appears. Follow the prompts to complete the installation.
  4. Do not select Inherit Credentials from Service Organization.

    If there is no domain, an administrative set of credentials is required. If no common set of credentials are available, tasks will default to LocalSystem credentials. These credentials are not used for deployment of agents.

When you have completed the steps with the Getting Started Wizard, you can being using MSP N-central.