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How the Application Compliance Service Works

A list of all applications discovered within the monitored network (or networks) is generated by MSP N-central based on the devices found by discovery jobs and also on those devices that were manually created (where local Agents are installed and discovery jobs are carried out). The list of discovered applications is not affected by the Application Compliance Service as applications will be discovered even if devices have not had the service added to them.

A discovered application for a device can only be updated after another discovery job has been performed. For example, if an application is discovered on a device two weeks ago, but the device has been turned off since that time, the name of the discovered application will be kept in the Discovered Applications list until the discovery job is performed again. The Agent will update the asset information of a device every 24 hours but you can force the update to take place immediately by clicking Update Now on the Asset tab of the device.

An application that has been approved will be kept on the Allowed Applications list even if the original device where the application was discovered has been deleted from the system.