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Generic ODBC Service

The Generic ODBC service monitors the results of an ODBC query sent to a SQL database.

The data returned by the ODBC query is then evaluated against the regular expressions specified in the service.

Service Type


Instances on a Device


Supported Systems/Applications

ODBC-compliant SQL servers

Device Class

Server - Generic and Server - Windows

Monitored By

Agent (Windows and Red Hat Linux), Windows Probe

Scan Interval

5 minutes

ODBC Driver Name

The name of the ODBC driver that allows the Generic ODBC service to query the specified database.

Database Port

The port on which the database accepts incoming queries.

Database Name

The name of the database to be queried.

Database Username

The username that is used to access the database.

Database Password

The password that is used to access the database.

Database Query

The SQL query statement that is submitted to the database.

Column 1 Name

The name of the database values that are being queried for the value.

Column 2 Name

Column 3 Name

Column 1 Regular Expression

The values that MSP N-central should look for in the results of the ODBC query.

Column 2 Regular Expression

Column 3 Regular Expression

ODBC Driver Support


ODBC Driver and Version

MDAC ODBC Driver 2.8

Unix ODBC Driver 2.2.10

Postgres SQL ODBC Driver 8.01

Windows Agent



Red Hat Agent




Suse Agent




Windows Probe



Generic ODBC Status Details

Status Detail


Transaction time in milliseconds

The total transaction time to connect, authenticate, send a query, retrieve results, and disconnect.

Rows returned by the query

The number of rows returned by a query.

Rows returned by the query that matched all column regular expressions

The number of rows that matched all of the column regular expressions.