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About this Guide

This guide is intended for a technical audience that is familiar with MSP N-central and Active Directory, and that has at least passing familiarity with LDAP protocol (Lightweight Directory Access Protocol). This guide covers the following:

  • Configuring MSP N-central to poll an Active Directory server
  • Creating MSP N-central users from Active Directory users

About LDAP Servers

LDAP (Lightweight Directory Access Protocol) is a TCP-based protocol for querying and modifying directory services. LDAP is the protocol on which many domain management tools are based. You can configure both Microsoft Active Directory and Novell NDS LDAP servers.

There are two benefits to integrating MSP N-central with LDAP servers:

  • Active Directory/LDAP users can sign in to MSP N-central using their domain credentials (for example, "ABC\jsmith" instead of "jsmith@abc.com"). The format of the credentials used by Active Directory/LDAP users to sign in to MSP N-central must be in the form of DOMAIN\username. For example, ABC\jsmith. No other format will be accepted.
  • Users with disabled Active Directory/LDAP accounts cannot log in to MSP N-central.