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Security Manager provides virus and malware protection for devices in your MSP N-central environment using AV Defender anti-virus software.

Ensure you have the latest version of the MSP N-central agent installed on devices to be able to use the full AV Defender feature set. For more information, see Upgrading Agents and Probes.

Benefits to using this MSP N-central native anti-virus solution instead of third-party offerings include:

  • Simplified exclusion management with organizational and system-level Global Exclusions.
  • Streamlined deployment with rule-based automated configuration, deployment, and migration of your customer environments.
  • Automatic removal of most existing AV products.
  • Increased visibility of anti-virus activity with comprehensive Security Events.
  • Enhanced monitoring with a dashboard view of anti-malware activity.
  • Robust reports to quickly and dynamically provide insight into your environment.

For the full story, see the Security Manager architecture.

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