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With AV Defender deployed, monitoring relies heavily on the notification and reporting features available in MSP N-central. Significantly enhanced reporting capabilities are also available in Report Manager.

There are two MSP N-central online reports that will prove most useful to your use of AV Defender; the AV Defender Status report and the AV Defender Threats report.

To access the reports, in the navigation pane, click Reports Status for AV Defender Status and Reports > Events for AV Defender Threats.

Enter the report criteria and click View Report to see the results.

When viewing the results, click Show Config to adjust the report criteria.

For the AV Defender Status report, The Devices With a Recent Scan chart in the report will display devices as Moderately Recently Scanned, Recently Scanned, Not Recently Scanned, or Not Scanned based on the configured thresholds. The Recent Scan Threshold must be greater than zero (0) and less than the Moderately Recent Scan Threshold.

AV Defender Status Report

The AV Defender Status report enables you to view the status of AV Defender on your managed devices.

AV Defender Threats Report

The AV Defender Threats report allows you to view the threat status and individual reported threats for all of your managed devices that have AV Defender installed on them.