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Review AV Defender results

Once you have deployed AV Defender, you can access the status of the device with AV Defender installed.

AV Status Dashboard

The dashboard provides a simple, real-time listing of the devices on which AV Defender has been deployed and the current status of each.

To access the dashboard, go to Dashboards > Manage Antivirus, and select the appropriate filter, if required.

AV Services

Agents and probes report service data back to MSP N-central, where they are evaluated against the thresholds set for these services. MSP N-central includes many default AV related services, although it is easy to set up custom services for more specialized monitoring.

AV Defender Reports

There are two reports pertaining to AV Defender:

  • AV Defender Threats - Go to Reports > Events to view information about the viral threats detected within the configured time period for any filtered group of devices. Enter the start and end dates and time, and select the devices to be displayed.
  • AV Defender Status - Go to Reports > Status  to view more detailed information about AV Defender. Enter the start and end dates and time, and select the devices and scan thresholds to be displayed.