> Security Manager > Run a Post-Installation Scan

Run a Post-Installation Scan

After installing Security Manager, run a scan to ensure your devices are virus free.

To set up a scan, you need to complete three steps:

  • Create a filter to identify Windows devices with Security Manager installed.
  • Create a task profile that will run scans during the hours that the system will typically be online. This will be added to a Rule.
  • Create a rule to automatically schedule future scans.

Create a filter

  1. At Click Configuration > Filters.
  2. Click Add and enter a new filter name.
  3. Click Advanced Mode.
  4. For A:, click to select Device, Agent Installed, Equal To, True.
  5. For B:, click Application, Application Name, Equal To, Security Manager AV Defender.
  6. Click Save.

Create a scheduled task profile

  1. At the SO level, click Configuration > Scheduled Tasks > Profiles.
  2. Click Addand type a name for the scan.
  3. On the Details tab, click Add > Security Manager Scan > AV Defender Full Scan.
  4. On the Schedule tab, select Recurring from the Type drop-down list box.
  5. In the Interval section, configure the frequency of your scans and click Save.

    SolarWinds MSP recommends that you run a scan once a week.

  6. Create a second daily scan using the same steps above by clicking AV Defender Quick Scan when adding a new schedule.

Create a rule to automatically schedule future scans

  1. At the SO level, click ConfigurationMonitoringRules.
  2. Click Add and enter a name for the rule.
  3. In the Devices to Target tab, select the filter created above.
  4. Click the Scheduled Task Profiles tab.
  5. Locate the task profile created above and move it to the Selected Scheduled Task Profiles column.
  6. Click Save.