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Anti-Malware Module

Malware is disruptive software that collects information, gains access to computers and can display unwanted advertising. The Anti-Malware module includes settings to detect and defeat malware threats. Anti-Malware modules are included in a Security Manager profile.

  1. In the navigation pane, click Configuration > Security Manager > Profiles
  2. Click Add, or click on an existing profile to edit.
  3. Click View Settings beside the Anti-Malware module.

Anti-Malware Module Settings

Setting   Description

On-Access tab

These setting determine how aggressive AV Defender is in detecting threats. Place your cursor over the “i? icon to view the detailed description of what impact these settings have on AV Defender.

In this section you also select the options to determine what action AV Defender takes when it finds an infected file or suspected file.

AV Defender makes a distinction between an "infected file" and a "suspected file" based on the confidence with which a security threat has been detected. The difference between the two types of detected security threats is based on the characteristics of the scanned file as well the known security threats information contained in the definition files.

The file will be considered to be "infected" if the security scan is able to determine that the scanned file contains a security threat with high confidence. The file will then be considered to be "suspected" if the security scan is only able to determine that the scanned file contains a security threat with a low level of confidence.

On-demand Tab

These settings are only available for laptop/workstation profiles only.

These settings enable you to define if AV Defender scans the a device when they are discovered by MSP N-central.

If you configured automatic device scans, these will be created by MSP N-central as scan tasks and individual scans will be reported as new scan task events.

Quarantine Tab

These settings define what MSP N-central does and when with suspicious files that it put in quarantine.

Note that any files sent to the Bitdfender Labs will contain no confidential data such as your name or IP address and that they will not be used for commercial purposes.

The option Rescan quarantine after malware signature updates enables the Anti-Malware module to scan the quarantine files for false positives following a signature update, and restore them if falsely detected.