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Create a chained certificate

To create a chained certificate, contact your CA and request a bundle that can be imported into a Java web server using chained certificates. If there is no generic Java-based web server option available, SolarWinds MSP recommends that you use Jetty or Tomcat. If no bundle is available, some vendors provide the necessary CA root and intermediate certificate files for download, which will require you to download them individually.

Once you have all of the CA certificates, you must then create the chained certificate. In order to do so, copy all of the certificates into a single text file in hierarchical order – root certificate first, intermediate certificates next, and ending with your signed certificate.

Once you have the chained certificate prepared, upload the certificate in the NAC (see Uploading a Certificate). When uploading the certificate, you can either paste the chained certificate into the text box or use the file upload facility. As a general rule, it is better to rely on the file upload as the text box has a finite character limit of approximately 1300 characters. Certificate chains can easily exceed that limit.