Update repository

SolarWinds MSP hosts an update repository where MSP N-central servers can receive the latest updates for:

These updates will be received automatically and distributed to devices with the software installed.

  1. Click AdministrationDefaults > Update Repository.
  2. Select Enable Polling to allow the MSP N-central server to check the repository for any updates in the Update Repository screen.
  3. Enter the Poll Interval (minutes) that the MSP N-central server will wait between connections to the repository.
  4. Enter the Server Address or select a predefined server name from the drop-down list to identify the repository server to be accessed.

    The Server Address must begin with either http or https and must be in the form of either an IP address or a valid URL.

  5. Click Save.

The repository settings are applied. MSP N-central begins checking the repository location for software updates at the defined interval.