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Add a pager service

Add pager services that technicians can use to receive notifications. The pager services that you add in the NAC appear in the user interface when an alphanumeric or numeric pager notification method is being set up for an account.

When you use a pager notification method, MSP N-central sends notifications to the selected pager service, which then forwards the notification to a pager. MSP N-central does not send notifications directly to a pager by dialing its number.

This feature is only available at the system or product administrator level.

  1. On the Administrator Console in the Product Settings area, click Pager Services.
  2. Click Add Pager Service.
  3. In the Alias field, enter the name that appears in the user interface when selecting a pager service for a user notification.
  4. Enter the Gateway Number of the pager provider's Telocator Alphanumeric Protocol (TAP) or Unified Communications Portal (UCP).

    You can obtain this number from your pager provider.

  5. If required, enter the Password for accessing the TAP or UCP gateway.

    The password must not exceed six characters. The default is 000000.

  6. In the Maximum Characters Accepted field, enter the maximum number of characters that you would like displayed in a pager message.
  7. Select the Modem Setting that corresponds to the settings of the pager service.
  8. Click OK.

The pager service appears on the table. When configuring notification method for a user, the pager service alias appears in the Pager Service drop-down list box.

To edit the pager service information, click the name of the service.