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Test the pager or SMS availability

Test the availability of a pager or short message service (SMS) or send a test message to a cellular telephone. You must specify the pager or SMS number and service as well as a message. MSP N-central returns a log of the test results.

Before you can specify a pager or SMS service, the service must be added to MSP N-central.

This feature is only available at the system or product administrator level.

  1. On the Administrator Console in the Tools area, click Test Pager/SMS Availability.
  2. In the Pager/SMS Number field, enter the pager number or cell phone number for the SMS with no spaces or hyphens.
  3. Select a Pager/SMS Service.

    Only the pager and SMS services that have been added to MSP N-central appear in the list.

  4. Enter a Message for the test.
  5. Click Test.

MSP N-central sends the test page or message and the Test Pager/SMS Availability Results screen appears and displays a log of the pager and SMS tests.