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Configure MSP N-central network settings

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Set the network addressing and time synchronization for the MSP N-central server. Network settings ensure the proper communications between the probes, agents and users and MSP N-central.

You can only configure the network settings at the System or Product Administrator level.

  1. Click AdministrationMail Network SettingsNetwork Setup.
  2. Select an addressing type.
  3. When selecting Static, enter the other networking address information. When selecting DHCP all addressing is handled by the DHCP server.

  4. If required, select Enable Channel Bonding to combine two Ethernet interface cards.
  5. If the server running MSP N-central has multiple Ethernet cards, you can use channel bonding, also known as link aggregation, to increase the bandwidth for data transfers and interface redundancy. Both Ethernet cards will have the same IP address.

  6. In the Hostname field, enter the fully qualified domain name (FQDN) of the MSP N-central server. The specified hostname must resolve the server's Internet IP address to ensure that MSP N-central can send e-mail notifications.
  7. Enter the Public IP Address and Private IP Address of the MSP N-central server.
  8. The Public IP Address and the Private IP Address will be the same if the MSP N-central server is on the internet and is not behind a firewall.

  9. Enter the Netmask and Default Gateway IP addresses. The default gateway address should be on the same subnet as the private IP address.
  10. Select the appropriate Time Zone for the MSP N-central server.
  11. Click Save.

MSP N-central can start communicating with probes and agents, and users can connect using the Hostname URL.