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About MSP N-central Integration with Autotask

Integrating MSP N-central with Autotask lets you:

  • Map customers between the two systems and push asset information used for ticket creation to Autotask from MSP N-central.
  • Configure automatic ticket creation.
  • Update service bundle counts in Autotask for billing.


In addition to the prerequisites listed below, you are required to have a sound working knowledge of N-central (configuration, notifications, templates, and APIs) and a thorough understanding of Autotask:

  • Both the MSP N-central and Autotask servers must have a valid SSL certificate.
  • Both servers must have a successful DNS resolution.
  • Ensure that the following user defined fields are configured in Autotask:
    • N-central Device ID
    • N-central Device URI
    • N-central Device Asset Tag
    • If these fields do not exist, you must create them. Refer to Autotask documentation for more information.

  • Ensure that Protected Data Permissions are properly configured for existing user defined fields.

SolarWinds MSP recommends that you do not use the duplicate ticket handling feature in Autotask. If you do use this feature, then make sure to add a unique identifier (we recommend the ActiveNotificationTriggerID notification variable) to the Subject line of the PSA notification template in MSP N-central.

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