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How to Configure MSP N-central with Autotask

Use the PSA Configuration feature in MSP N-central to configure the integration with Autotask.

This allows MSP N-central to push device information and updates to Autotask, ensuring that your ticketing information in Autotask is up-to-date.

SolarWinds MSP recommends that you do not use the duplicate ticket handling feature in Autotask. If you do use this feature, then make sure to add a unique identifier (we recommend the ActiveNotificationTriggerID notification variable) to the Subject line of the PSA notification template in MSP N-central.

You can configure your Autotask integration with MSP N-central at both the System and SO level.

  • At the SO level, you can define different configurations for each SO which lets any SO administrator modify integration settings

  • At the System level, only the Product Administrator can modify the configuration

  1. In the navigation pane, click Administration > PSA Integration > Configure PSA Integration.
  2. Select Autotask from the Choose your PSA Solution drop-down list in the PSA Configuration Settings screen.

    The screen refreshes to show the integration settings for Autotask.

  3. For all integrations with Autotask, new and upgraded, under N-central Integration Credentials (Recommended) select Export Devices and Generate Tickets based on Notifications.

    The Autotask-built Integration is not recommended after MSP N-central 9.5. It has been kept as an option in case there is a preference for allowing Autotask to pull data from MSP N-central on a scheduled basis. For details on configuring pulling information, refer to N-central 9.4 documentation for configuration information.

  4. Provide MSP N-central with Autotask credentials for an account that has Full Access security level. For more information, refer to the Autotask help by following this link: https://www.autotask.net/Help/Content/AdminSetup/SiteSetup/Security/CustomizingSecurityLevels.htm
    1. Type the Autotask account User Name.
    2. Type the Autotask account Password and confirm it by retyping it.
  5. Under Ticketing Errors, provide an N-central account email address for the Email Recipient.

    This account will get notified if N-central cannot generate tickets in Autotask. For example, if there is a temporary network outage between MSP N-central and Autotask, or if the Autotask user account password has been changed and MSP N-central has yet not been updated, an email will be sent to this address to alert this person to the issue.