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About MSP N-central Integration with ConnectWise Manage

You can integrate N-central with ConnectWise Manage to automatically create tickets, export device asset information, and generate billable items for your customers.

You will need to first download the ConnectWise Manage client and configure it before beginning the MSP N-central integration. You will also need to download the public and private API Keys from ConnectWise Manage to allow authentication with MSP N-central.

After ConnectWise Manage is set up, configure MSP N-central using the PSA Configuration feature in MSP N-central to complete the integration.


In addition to the prerequisites listed below, you are required to have a sound working knowledge of N-central (configuration, notifications, templates, and APIs) and a thorough understanding of ConnectWise Manage.

  • An MSP N-central server with a valid SSL certificate
  • A ConnectWise Manage server with a valid SSL certificate
  • Successful DNS resolution of both the MSP N-central and ConnectWise Manage servers
  • Valid ConnectWise Manage 3.0 API keys.

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