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Set up a ConnectWise Manage Billing Profile On Demand

This feature is available at the Service Organization-level.

You can automatically update Agreement Additions in ConnectWise Manage based on the number of devices you are managing in MSP N-central by setting up a Billing Profile.

A Billing Profile is set up by associating MSP N-central Filters to ConnectWise Manage Products and Agreement Types and scheduling when to run it. Alternatively, should the need arise, you can run the Billing Profile on demand.

Some of the reasons you may want to run a billing profile on demand include the following:

  • To test your billing profile configuration.
  • To get an update to generate a bill at a time other than the scheduled billing date.
  1. Navigate to Administration> PSA Integration > Billing Profiles.
  2. Select the billing profile you wish to run on demand.
  3. You can select multiple billing profiles.

  4. Click Run Billing Profile Now.
  5. You can also click Run Billing Profile Now without selecting a profile.

  6. Click Run Billing Now in the pop-up confirmation dialog.

After the Billing Profile is finished running, click Show Billing Results to view the results. The Addition counts are also updated in ConnectWise Manage.