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Configure MSP N-central to Communicate with ConnectWise Manage

Following the ConnectWise Manage PSA Integration Checklist, this is the first of six steps to integrate MSP N-central with ConnectWise Manage using the PSA Configuration feature in MSP N-central.

After the integration configuration has been completed in ConnectWise Manage, you must configure MSP N-central to communicate with ConnectWise Manage.

Configure your ConnectWise Manage integration with MSP N-central at either the System or the SO level.

  • At the SO level, you can define different configurations for each SO which lets any SO administrator modify integration settings

  • At the System level, only the Product Administrator can modify the configuration

  1. In the navigation pane, click Administration > PSA Integration > Configure PSA Integration.
  2. Select ConnectWise Manage from the Choose your PSA Solution drop-down menu.

    The screen refreshes to show the integration settings for ConnectWise Manage.

  3. Under API Credentials, complete the following:
    1. Network Address of the ConnectWise Manage server with which MSP N-central will communicate.

      If you are a Hosted ConnectWise Manage customer, do not include the prefix www in the Network Address of the ConnectWise Manage server. If your communication configuration is not successful, try using api- instead as the prefix (for example, api-na.myconnectwise.net).

      This is required to validate the SSL certificate. Without the prefix, you will be unable to connect to the ConnectWise Manage server.

    2. Company ID or company name that you received from ConnectWise Manage.
    3. Public and Private API keys that you generated in ConnectWise Manage.
  4. Under Ticketing Errors, provide an MSP N-central account email address for the Email Recipient.

    This account will get notified if N-central cannot generate tickets in ConnectWise Manage, or if billing exports fail. For example, if there is a temporary network outage between MSP N-central and ConnectWise Manage, or if the ConnectWise Manage Login account password has been changed and MSP N-central has yet not been updated, an email will be sent to this address to alert this person to the issue.

  5. Click Save.

MSP N-central will test to see if the credentials and URL are valid.

The Testing connection dialog box will appear while the Network Address and API keys are being verified.

When the connection has been successful, you will see a toggle set to ON next to ConnectWise Manage in the Choose Your PSA Solution drop-down, and below that, the version of ConnectWise Manage that you are connected to.

After successful integration with ConnectWise Manage, more menu items appear under PSA Integration in the navigation pane:

  • Customer Mapping
  • Device Class Mapping
  • Export Devices
  • Billing Profiles
  • Ticketing

If the integration is configured at the System level, there are fewer options at the SO level. Ticketing is the only integration feature available at the Customer level.