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How to Configure MSP N-central with ConnectWise Manage

After ConnectWise Manage is set up, the next step is to integrate MSP N-central with ConnectWise Manage through the PSA Configuration feature in MSP N-central.

  1. Set up the ConnectWise Manage integration in MSP N-central.

    After ConnectWise Manage is integrated with MSP N-central, more menu items appear under PSA Integration in the navigation pane:

    • Customer Mapping
    • Device Class Mapping
    • Export Devices
    • Billing Profiles
    • Ticketing

  2. Map customers.
    Before devices can be exported to ConnectWise Manage and tickets can be created, customers must be mapped. Mapping allows you to tie N-central customers to their respective ConnectWise Manage customers.
    The list of available ConnectWise Manage customers automatically populates from the ConnectWise Manage database.
  3. Map device classes.
  4. Export Devices.
    Set up an export profile in MSP N-central to allow devices to be exported to ConnectWise Manage for ticketing.
  5. Set up a Ticketing Recipient.
    Set up a ticket recipient to get ConnectWise Manage tickets to appear in MSP N-central.
  6. Set up N-central Notifications to update ticket status.
    You can set up notifications in MSP N-central so that when the status of a service returns to Normal, ticket status is updated.