> Administration > PSA Integration > Custom PSA > Configure Custom PSA Integration Settings

Configure Custom PSA Integration Settings

After you have reviewed How Custom PSA Integration Works, configure PSA Integration settings in N-central, including:

  • PSA solution: Select Custom PSA to integrate with N-central.
  • Integration credentials: Credentials used to access N-central remotely via the API
  • Ticketing cleanup behavior: N-central will clean up tickets that haven't been confirmed by the PSA for a specified amount of time. These tickets are displayed as Pending in N-Central.
    The ticket creation email will be deleted if, and only if a PSA timeout error occurs while attempting to send it. A failure email will be generated and sent indicating a technical issue.
  • Ticketing recipient mailbox: An error email will be sent if N-central cannot create a ticket due to networking or configuration problems. By default, error emails will be sent from the Product Administrator's address. To use a different address, click Administration > Defaults > Customized System Email, and enter an alternate.
  1. At the SO or System level, navigate to Administration > PSA Integration > Configure PSA Integration.
  2. Select Custom PSA from the drop-down menu.
  3. Enter the Integration Credentials password that will be used for callbacks from the PSA to N-Central.
  4. The username is auto-generated to ensure that it is unique within MSP N-central.

  5. Under Clean Up Pending Tickets, select the number of hours before any pending tickets that haven't been confirmed by the PSA are deleted from the queue. You can also choose Never to leave all tickets open indefinitely.

    Beginning at 1:15 AM every day, and every 15 minutes afterward (01:15, 02:15, 03:15, ..., 23:15, 00:15), a maintenance task runs and removes any pending tickets that have exceeded the time specified here.

  6. As a best practice, select a clean up pending delay time. You will be able to review any pending tickets, and determine if there are any issues before they are deleted.

  7. Under Ticketing Errors, enter a destination mailbox address for ticketing error emails. You can use any address you want, but commonly this will be a Support mailbox (for example, support@mymsp.com).
  8. Click Save.

After you complete this procedure, choose customers for the Custom PSA integration.