> Administration > PSA Integration > Custom PSA > Configure Custom PSA Ticketing Recipients

Configure Custom PSA Ticketing Recipients

After you have chosen the customers for the Custom PSA integration, configure how and when N-central generates tickets and how it should handle recurring issues.

  1. At the SO or System level, navigate to Administration > PSA Integration > Ticketing.
  2. Click Add.
  3. Complete the mandatory Name and Email fields, .
  4. Use the email address that the PSA solution automatically checks for any tickets received via email. This can be a general email in-box (e.g tickets@company.com), or that of an individual.

  5. Select the Ticket Callback Timeout.
  6. This allows you to resend the request to create the ticket manually.

  7. Configure the fields in the Notification Settings, Associated Notification Profiles, and Notification Schedule tabs and click Save.

After you complete this procedure, configure the PSA Integration Message Template.