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What is Custom PSA Integration?

Custom PSA Integration functionality allows you to link your custom PSA application with N-central.

Integrating your PSA solution with N-central helps you:

  • Create tickets in your PSA solution.
  • Directly access tickets right from the N-central.
  • Diagnose and resolve ticket generation issues through auditing and logging.

There are no prerequisites required to integrate a Custom PSA solution other than a sound working knowledge of N-central (configuration, notifications, templates, and APIs) and a thorough understanding of your Custom PSA solution. The latter will be especially important, as there are many different types of ticketing systems available with differing functionality and implementation requirements.

Follow the items in the Custom PSA Integration Checklist to fully integrate N-central with your PSA solution.


The graphic below illustrates the interaction between N-central and your PSA during the creation of a new ticket. It shows the flow of data beginning with an error on a managed device through to the resolution of the error and the service returning to a normal state.


The ticket may still be able to get reopened if it fails again. If so, it will go through this same flow but the body of the email will contain new details about why it has been reopened.

To get started with your Custom PSA integration, configure Custom PSA Integration settings.