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Configure Integration for MSP Manager

In order for MSP Manager and MSP N-central to communicate, you must configure MSP Manager to integrate with N-central.

Integration can happen at both the System and SO level:

  • At the SO level, you can define different configurations for each SO which lets any SO administrator modify integration settings

  • At the System level, only the Product Administrator can modify the configuration

  1. In the navigation pane, click Administration > PSA Integration > Configure PSA Integration.
  2. In the Choose your PSA Solution drop-down, select MSP Manager.

    When the MSP Manager connection is verified the slider moves to On.

  3. Under Integration Credentials, type the user name and password for the MSP Manager integration account.

    This account must first be created in MSP Manager. See Overview: Integrating with MSP Manager.

  4. Under Ticketing Errors, type an email address where MSP N-central will send error emails if networking or configuration issues prevent it from creating a ticket in MSP Manager, and click Save.

    You can later change the sender email address in Administration > Defaults > Customized System Email.