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Export Device Profile settings


Name and description of the Profile.


Status of Devices after export

Select the device status in MSP Manager after data has been exported:

  • Active
  • Inactive

When a device is deleted or is no longer managed by MSP N-central

Select how MSP Manager manages configurations for devices that no longer exist or are no longer managed in MSP N-central

  • Delete the Device in MSP Manager—Do you use this option unless you have a good reason delete the device. Deleting a device here will cause ticket history for this device to be lost.
  • Set status of the Device in MSP Manager to to Active or Inactive
  • Do Nothing—If you choose this option, remember to reconcile your device information in MSP Manager with that in MSP N-central.

Device Export Criteria

You can create an export profile that only applies to a specific set of devices:

  • All Devices—Data for every device that is managed by MSP N-central will be exported. This is the default.
  • By Customer—Data for devices associated with selected Customers or Sites will be exported.
  • By Device Class—Data for devices based on selected classes will be exported.
  • By Filter—Data for devices grouped by selected Filters will be exported.