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Overview: Integrating with Marval


Integrating ConnectWise with MSP N-central requires the following:

  • An MSP N-central server with a valid SSL certificate
  • A ConnectWise server with a valid SSL certificate
  • Successful DNS resolution of both the MSP N-central and ConnectWise servers

Integrating with Marval

Integrating Marval with MSP N-central requires configuration of the following elements in order:

  1. Sign in to N-central.
  2. Select the appropriate service organization in the View Selection Menu.
  3. In the navigation pane, click Administration > PSA Integration.
  4. Select Marval from the Choose your PSA Solution drop-down menu in the PSA Integration screen.
  5. Under Ticketing Credentials, configure the credentials that Marval will use to create tickets:
    1. Type the Network Address of the Marval server with which MSP N-central will communicate.
    2. Type the User Name to be used by MSP N-central in communicating with the Marval server.
    3. Type the security Password for the Marval account.

      This User Name and Password should only be used for integrating with Marval. Credentials required for other purposes should not be used.

  6. Under Ticketing Errors, type the Email Recipient to which MSP N-central will send error emails if networking or configuration issues prevent it from creating a ticket in Marval.

    Notification email messages generated by MSP N-central will originate from the Product Administrator's email address. To have error email messages originate from a different email address, navigate to Administration > Defaults > Customized System Email.

  7. Click Save.

After the credentials have been verified by Marval, a icon will be displayed next to Choose your PSA Solution.