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Set Up Notifications to Update Ticket Status

You can set up notifications in N-central so that when the status of a service returns to Normal, ticket status is updated. For example, when a service returns to Normal, you can set up notifications to send an email or close or change the status of a ticket in the PSA.

Step 1: Configure the Ticketing Recipient for notifications and ticket status updates

  1. Login to N-central at the SO level.
  2. In the navigation pane, select PSA Integration > Ticketing.
  3. Click Ticketing Recipient.
  4. On the Notification Settings tab, for When an issue returns to normal, select Change the Ticket Status to and select the ticket's current status.
  5. Click the Associated Notification Profiles tab.
  6. On the Associated Notification Profiles tab, associate notification profiles to the recipient by selecting a notification.

    If you select Primary Notification, the first notification triggered will be generated in the PSA. If required, select and specify the rest of the settings for the notification.

Step 2: Configure notifications for Ticket Recipient and ticket return to Normal

  1. In the navigation pane, select Monitoring > Notifications and click the Name of the notifications you would like to change ticket status on return to Normal in the PSA.
  2. On the Trigger Details tab for each notification associated to the Ticketing Recipient, select Notify on return to Normal. When a service returns to Normal, all recipients will be notified according to their profile details.