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Attended Remote Control

MSP N-central's Attended Remote Control allows Product Administrators, SO Admin accounts, and SO Tech accounts to remotely connect to (and control) Windows devices that are not currently under management by MSP N-central.

Before they can respond to requests for remote desktop support, accounts must have remote control availability enabled.

There is currently no capability to send Ctrl-Alt-Del as a command to target devices during Attended Remote Control remote desktop support connections.

The following ports must be accessible to use Direct Connect or Attended Remote Control for remote control connections:

Port Number Port Location
MSP N-central Server Target Device
Inbound Outbound Inbound Outbound

Port 80


Port 443


Port 11438


Outbound connections establish a bidirectional tunnel.

If you have blocked port 80, then port 443 can be used.

Access Codes

Access codes are required by anyone requesting Attended Remote Control support so that their request can be associated to a specific Customer or Site.

Your Access Code is a personal identification code that will be supplied by your managed service provider.

To display Attended Remote Control Access Codes

  1. Select the appropriate Service Organization in the View Selection Menu.
  2. In the navigation pane, click Views > Attended Remote Control.
  3. Click the Access Codes drop-down menu to display the list of Customers and Sites to see their associated Access Codes.

    You can also click Administration > Customers/Sites and review the list of Customers and Sites to see their associated Access Codes.