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Get AD Group Information

Gets AD group object information from Active Directory.



Input Parameters

Name Type Required Description
Domain Name String Yes The name of the user object domain. For example, DC=California,DC=local or California.local
CommonName String Yes The CommonName of the group.
OU String No Organizational Unit container where the group object is contained. If undefined, the group object in the standard Users container for the domain will be retrieved.

Output Parameters

Name Type Description
Result Number Returns a success value of zero or any value other than zero to indicate failure.
ServerList String List of servers including: Name, samAccountName, DistinguishedName, ADSPath, InstanceType, ObjectGUID, ObjectSID


<Member MemberName="Name" MemberType="System.String" MemberLabel="Name"/>

<Member MemberName="SamAccountName" MemberType="System.String" MemberLabel="SamAccountName"/>

<Member MemberName="CN" MemberType="System.String" MemberLabel="CN"/>

<Member MemberName="DistinguishedName" MemberType="System.String" MemberLabel="DistinguishedName"/>

<!--<Member MemberName="WhenCreated" MemberType="System.DateTime" MemberLabel="WhenCreated"/>-->

<!--<Member MemberName="WhenChanged" MemberType="System.DateTime" MemberLabel="WhenChanged"/>-->

<Member MemberName="ADSPath" MemberType="System.String" MemberLabel="ADSPath"/>

<Member MemberName="InstanceType" MemberType="System.String" MemberLabel="InstanceType"/>

<Member MemberName="DSCorePropagationData" MemberType="System.DateTime" MemberLabel="DSCorePropgationData"/>

<Member MemberName="ObjectGUID" MemberType="System.String" MemberLabel="ObjectGUID"/>

<Member MemberName="ObjectSID" MemberType="System.String" MemberLabel="ObjectSID"/>

<Member MemberName="Result" MemberType="System.Int32" MemberLabel="Result"/>

Example Input Parameters
Name Type Required Example
Common Name String Yes Jsmith
Domain String Yes Abc.com
OU String Yes OU=Marketing,DC=ABC,DC=com