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Create User

Create new Office 365 user.

Input Parameters

Name Type Required Description
User Name String Yes User name used to authenticate to the Office 365 web service.
Password Password Yes Password used to authenticate to the Office 365 web service.
Email Address String Yes Email address of new user account.
First Name String No First Name of new user.
Last Name String No Last name of new user.
Title String No Title of new user.
Department String No Department of new user.
Office String No Office of new user.
Street Address String No Street address of new user.
Postal Code String No Postal Code of new user.
State String no State of new user.
Phone Number String No Phone Number of new user.
Mobile Phone Number String No Mobile phone number of new user.
Fax Number String No Fax number of new user.
Force Change Password at Next Logon Boolean Yes Force user to change password at next logon or not.
Password will Never Expire Boolean Yes Configure user account password to never expire (if applicable).
String Password Required Boolean Yes Whether a user account requires a string password or not.

Output Parameters

Name Type Description
Result String String Object Execution Error Details.
Result Number Returns a success value of zero or any value other than zero to indicate failure.

Example Input Parameters

Name Type Required Example
User Name String Yes Office365Admin@ABC.onmicrosoft.com
Password Password Yes <link to start parameter>
New User Email Address String Yes User1@ABC.onmicrosoft.com
New User Password String Yes <link to start parameter>
First Name String False Jon
Last Name String False Smith
Title String False Captain
Department String False Cafeteria
Office Name String False 2nd Floor
Street Address String False 123 Fake St.
Postal Code String False
  • 90210
  • K2K3K2
State String False ON
Country String False Canada
Phone Number String False 123 456 7890
Mobile Phone Number String False 098 765 4321
Fax String False 101 112 1314
Force Password Change at Next Login Boolean True Optionally, you can force a user to change password at next logon.
Password Will Never Expire Boolean True Optionally, you can set the user password to never expire.
Is a Strong Password Required Boolean True Optionally, you can require a user to use strong password.