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WMI Resync

Quick Description This Automation Policy will resync the WMI repository.
Applies To On-premises MSP N-central 9.0.x
Last Revised Feb. 22, 2012


This Automation Policy will performs the appropriate WMI repository resync commands for Windows XP, Window 7 and Windows 00/03/08 servers.

Input Parameters

No input parameters required.

Automation Policy


WMI repository is resynchronized.


Windows XP and Windows 2000 WMI Resync Commands:

  • winmgmt /clearadap
  • winmgmt /kill
  • winmgmt /unregserver
  • winmgmt /regserver
  • winmgmt /resyncperf

Windows 2003 WMI Resync Commands:

  • wmiadap.exe /c
  • wmiadap.exe /f
  • lodctr /R

Windows 7 and Windows 2008 WMI Resync Commands:

  • winmgmt /salvagerepository