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Bare metal recovery

A Bare Metal Recovery completely restores all the contents on a computer's hard disk. The recovery re-installs the operating system, software applications, and restores all data and user settings. A bare metal recovery is required when a hard drive fails, or you need to install a larger disk. Arcserve Backup captures all data, information related to the operating system, installed applications, configuration settings, and necessary drivers necessary to completely rebuild the original computer system.

After the bare metal recovery image is fully restored to the new computer system, the computer will be back to the state that it was in when Arcserve Backup performed the last backup, and regular backups continue as scheduled.

Before preceding, verify that your devices meet the Arcserve Backup support requirements. MSP N-central is integrated with Arcserve UDP 5 Update 4. For a list of supported operating systems, applications and disk types, see Supported Applications, Databases and Supported Operating Systems.

Before you perform a Bare Metal Recovery ensure you have:

  • A Bare Metal Recovery bootable CD available as an .ISO CD image in MSP N-central.
  • Access to at least one full backup of the original computer.
  • A minimum of 1 GB RAM installed on the computer and the recovering source server.

Note: To recover VMware virtual computers that are configured to behave as physical servers, verify that VMware Tools is installed on the destination virtual computer.

Create a Bare Metal Recovery bootable CD

When you perform a bare metal recovery, the Backup Recovery boot disk is used to initialize the new computer system and begin the recovery process.

  1. Log in to MSP N-central.
  2. Click Actions > Download Agent/Probe Software and click the Third Party Software tab.
  3. Click Bare Metal Recovery ISO.
  4. Follow the browser instructions to download and store the .ISO CD image.
  5. Burn the .ISO CD image to a writable CD-ROM disk.

Use the new disk image in the steps below to boot from the CD and begin the restore of the system.

Restore the data

  1. Insert the Bare Metal Recovery bootable CD-ROM disk into the drive of the computer that you are restoring.
  2. Re-start the computer.
  3. When the BIOS Setup Utility screen appears, select the CD-ROM Drive option to start the boot process.
  4. Press Enter.

The Arcserve D2D Bare Metal Recovery Wizard starts to complete the restore. For more information on how to restore data using the Arceserve D2D Bare Metal Recovery Wizard, see the ARCserve documentation.

When you start the bare metal recovery, Arcserve Backup prompts you to select or provide a valid location to retrieve the backed up data as well as the recovery point to be restored. Arcserve Backup may also prompt you to provide valid drivers for the new computer system. When you provide this connection and configuration information, Arcserve Backup obtains the specified backup image from the backup location and restores all backed up data blocks to the new computer system.

After completion of bare metal recovery, the first backup will be a verification backup.