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Configure a backup location for an Arcserve backup

Arcserve Backup copies device hard disk data to a remote storage device. The first step to enabling device backups is to configure the default location where Arcserve Backup stores the backed up data. This can be a USB drive, shared drive on a network server, NAS device or another fully accessible destination such as an Amazon Cloud bucket region. Configuring a backup location ensures customer data is stored in a convenient and safe location for retrievable if necessary.

  1. Click Configuration > Backup Manager > Arcserve > Backup Share.
  2. In the Default Backup Share area, enter the Network Share Path.
  3. This can also be a direct drive letter path if the backups are occurring locally.

  4. Enter the Network Share Access Username and Network Share Access Password or Amazon Cloud Bucket Region address.
  5. For each field, select Propagate to distribute the settings to the Service Organization and Customer levels.

  6. Click Save.
  7. If the backup destination is a part of the domain, use the domain\user credential format. If the backup destination is on a workgroup, use the hostname\user format.

Once you configure a backup profile, regular backups will occur to the configured drive location.