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Deploy Arcserve Backup on devices

Arcserve Backup provides a cost-effective, local solution that is simple to both deploy and manage. Deploy Arcserve Backup to take advantage of the MSP N-central data backup and restore capabilities.

Deploying the Arcserve backup component involves installing the Arcserve backup management software on customer's devices. This can be done using rules or configuring the install manually. In both situations, MSP N-central facilitates the install and configuration.

When deploying Arcserve Backup, you need to create an Arcserve Backup profile and a default backup location. The profile includes the configuration information for the software to know where and when to perform the backups.

Verify that your devices meet the Arcserve Backup support requirements. MSP N-central is integrated with Arcserve UDP v5 Update 4. For a list of supported operating systems, applications and disk types, see Supported Applications, Databases and Supported Operating Systems.

Arcserve Backup requires access to port 8014.

Before installing Arcserve Backup on a managed device turn off Microsoft Security Essentials and temporarily disable any antivirus solutions that are running on the device until after the installation is complete.

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