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Create a file copy policy

Use a File Copy policy in a Arcserve backup profile to backup critical data to secondary locations. A file copy policy ensures that you can safely and securely delete source data after it has been copied to an off-site or secondary storage repository.

  1. Go to ConfigurationBackup ManagerArcserve > Profiles, and either select a profile or create a new profile.
  2. In the File Copy Settings area, in the File Sources module click View Settings.
  3. Select the type of policy and click Add.
  4. Enter a Name for the new policy and enter the Source Folder where Backup Manager will copy the data.
  5. In the Include/Exclude Rules area select or add specific files or file types that will be copied.
  6. Click Save.

When performing a backup, Arcserve Backup copies the specified files to the alternate location. The files are also backed up in the regular backup task.