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What is Arcserve Backup

Arcserve Backup provides a cost-effective, local solution that provides data backup and restore capabilities. It enables you to keep your customers' data safe using incremental snapshots and bare metal restore functionality.

Use Arcserve Backup for backing up customer device data. To back up the MSP N-central server databases, see System Backup.

Incremental backups require only one full backup and then continual incremental backups. This greatly reduces network traffic, disk storage and load on production applications. Centralized deployment, management and reporting reduces implementation and management effort and provides status information directly to you.

Arcserve Backup performs:

  • A Full backup - a complete block-level backup,
  • Incremental backups - a backup of only data that has been modified since the previous backup, and
  • Verification- a re-synchronization of backups to ensure there has been no data loss or damage.

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