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Add a Arcserve Backup profile

An Arcserve backup profile is a standard configuration used on all customer devices. When you run a rule to deploy Arcserve Backup, the configuration within the profile is the baseline settings across a customer's site. This saves time and ensures consistency when deploying the Arcserve Backup to many devices.

A profile created at the System level is available at all levels below. A profile created at the Service Organization level is only available to devices within that Service Organization.

  1. Click Configuration Backup ManagerArcserve > Profiles.
  2. Click Add.
  3. Complete the settings configuration and click Save.

The new profile appears in the profiles list. When deploying the Arcserve Backup, select the profile from the list.


Consider the following notes when configuring the Arcserve Backup profile.

Backup settings

  • To be able to perform a Bare Metal Recovery if you select Backup Individual Volumes, ensure to include the SYSTEM and BOOT volumes for backup. If you are unsure, click Backup all Volumes.

File copy settings

  • File Copy is useful for copying critical data to secondary locations. Use these settings to configure the copying of selected files from a backup session to a specified destination. It can also be used for archiving as it allows you to safely and securely delete source data after it has been copied to an off-site or secondary storage repository.
  • In the Advanced settings, the Copy files after option defines the number of backups the Arcserve Backup performs before files identifies in the File Sources settings are backed up. The backing up of files is repeated based upon the defined value. For example, if the value is five, files will be backed up after the fifth, tenth, fifteenth, and so on data backups.