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Schedule a reboot after installing Arcserve Backup

Initiate a device reboot outside a regular maintenance window to complete the installation of Arcserve Backup. If you install Arcserve Backup on a device and the reboot maintenance window will not occur for a long time, use a script to perform a reboot after installing Arcserve Backup. This ensures that Arcserve Backup is operating and performing regular backups as soon as possible.

  1. Click Actions > Run a Script.
  2. Enter a Task Name.
  3. In the Repository Item drop-down list box, click Reboot Windows.
  4. Click the Targets tab.
  5.  In the Filters list, add Backup Exec Devices to the Selected Filters list.
  6. In the Devices list, add the devices requiring a restart to the Selected Devices list.
  7. Click the Schedule tab and set when the script will run.
  8. Select Notification recipients if necessary.
  9. Click Save.

When scheduled, MSP N-central runs the script which will initiate a reboot sequence on the device. Click ViewsJob Status to see the progress of the script.